The Long Road - Nickelback

The Long Road


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2003-08-04
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ 2003 The All Blacks B.V.


Title Artist Time
Flat On the Floor Nickelback 2:02 GBP 0.99
Do This Anymore Nickelback 4:03 GBP 0.99
Someday (Single Mix) Nickelback 3:27 GBP 0.99
Believe It or Not Nickelback 4:07 GBP 0.99
Feelin' Way Too Damn Good Nickelback 4:16 GBP 0.99
Because of You Nickelback 3:30 GBP 0.99
Figured You Out Nickelback 3:48 GBP 0.99
Should've Listened Nickelback 3:42 GBP 0.99
Throw Yourself Away Nickelback 3:55 GBP 0.99
Another Hole In the Head Nickelback 3:35 GBP 0.99
See You At the Show Nickelback 4:04 GBP 0.99


  • Seriously Grunge

    By TBFlow
    This was Nickelback’s first Major breakthrough in an album where they re-energised their musical make-up and sound style…it is by far one of their best original releases and never have they made anything of the same caliber. The album was fuelled by stories from their upbringing and it sort of follows a rhythm of heavy rock-out numbers to low channel driven guitar sounds to give a very underground grunge finish to the album as a whole unit. A classic release and their signal to the rock industry that they were ready to break into a new era
  • A great album!

    By Ambpaige
    It's fairly old, but is full of amazing songs I love every single one! One of my favourites for sure!
  • Their best

    By Metallexa
    This album is by far, Nickelback's best album to date. It is packed full of great songs and there is never a dull moment on the album. This has to be their heaviest and melodic effort also. Their latest albums follow the same generic trend, whereas this album had the sound of a band going somewhere in the metal community. Sadly they didn't follow that path and somewhat sold out to suit a larger audience. I cannot fault this album in any way and can honestly say this is one of my all time favourite albums. Every song is 10/10 for me.
  • amazing

    By deadeyefred
    i know its old but its a grate album!
  • Old nickelback!!

    By Jammy_70
    There best, heaviest album....
  • I love NICKELBACK forever...

    By Bec Winchester
    I love nickelback, always have, always will. One of the best rock bands in the world of all time. You can listen to any of nickelback's songs and never in a million years get bored. Love all nickelback songs... Buy them all and then blast them at full volume!!! Chad forever!!!
  • amazing!

    By Anonymous User.
    This is a truely "amazing" album each and every song is different and great for a variety of reasons. i could and have listened to the whole album throughout and it really is one of a few albums where this is true. THIS IS A MUST BUY! for all nickelback fans and genral music/rock fans! if you havent listened to them much already listen to this and the singles and youl be hooked! you will soon be by their other albums. Easiest 5 stars i have ever given! (and i can be a critic at times) well worth the money, buy it :) you wont regret it (you may but i very much doubt it)
  • Nickelback's greatest album to date!

    By Gonadam
    Being a huge Nickelback fan I have all of their albums and love every one of their songs! This is their best album yet. If you are going to buy one of their albums, get this one! The best song being Flat On the Floor. I can't decide on my least favourite, they are all so great! A must-have album for Nickelback fans!
  • Brilliant!

    By Too Cool Kid
    This is by far one of the best albums ever made by nickelback! Not a single song is bad. If you have money to spend, then for goodness sake buy this album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • One of the best ever albums from any rock band!

    By mc loud
    5 stars thats all you need to know, its the first album where all of the songs are listenable over and over again!

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