Even Worse -

Even Worse

"Weird Al" Yankovic

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 1988-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ 1988 Volcano Entertainment, III, L.L.C.


Title Artist Time
Fat "Weird Al" Yankovic 3:37 GBP 0.99
Stuck In a Closet With Vanna W "Weird Al" Yankovic 5:01 GBP 0.99
(This Song's Just) Six Words L "Weird Al" Yankovic 3:37 GBP 0.99
You Make Me "Weird Al" Yankovic 3:05 GBP 0.99
I Think I'm a Clone Now "Weird Al" Yankovic 3:20 GBP 0.99
Lasagna "Weird Al" Yankovic 2:47 GBP 0.99
Melanie "Weird Al" Yankovic 3:58 GBP 0.99
Alimony "Weird Al" Yankovic 3:16 GBP 0.99
Velvet Elvis "Weird Al" Yankovic 4:30 GBP 0.99
Twister "Weird Al" Yankovic 1:03 GBP 0.99
Good Old Days "Weird Al" Yankovic 3:21 GBP 0.99


  • A pretty solid album

    By Luke O
    So, as always, there are a few one-joke-songs on this album. But as always, there's good and bad stuff. "Fat" is the definitive fat-person-related "Weird Al" song (Grapefruit Diet on Running With Scissors being the other). "Good Old Days" is a lovely, acoustic ballad... with a psychotic twist. And "Melanie", in similar vein, takes the idea of unrequited love to hilarious new heights. "You Make Me" has a demented good beat to it we haven't seen since "Dare To Be Stupid". The less good songs: "(This Song's Just) Six Words Long" and "Velvet Elvis" (a song I still don't get the point of, to this day) aren't tragically bad. All in all, not a bad album.
  • Not much depth, but still very funny

    By Musicmaster.
    Weird Al Yankovic. The funniest comedy music artist ever. Grammy Award winning artist, has made parodies for over thirty songs, which all are higly acclaimed. From starting from 'Ricky', a parody of 'Micky', to the hit 'White & Nerdy', a parody of 'Ridin'', "Weird Al" Yankovic is certainly something to laugh about. This is one of his first albums. Don't be fooled by the rating above, I'm only giving two stars because there a songs that aren't funny enough and somes you'll laugh your heads off. These are 'Fat', 'I Think I'm A Clone Now', 'Lasagna' and 'Twister'. These songs are the main meaning of homour in this album. It's better buying those songs for under £4.00 instead of purchasing over £7.99.

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