Living a Dream - Special Edition - Katherine Jenkins

Living a Dream - Special Edition

Katherine Jenkins

  • Genre: Vocal
  • Release Date: 2005-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 18

  • ℗ 2005 Universal Classics & Jazz


Title Artist Time
L'amore sei tu (I Will Always Katherine Jenkins, The Prague Symphonia & Anthony Ingliss 4:21 GBP 0.99
I Vow to Thee, My Country Katherine Jenkins 3:07 GBP 0.99
One Fine Day (Un bel di) Katherine Jenkins, The Prague Symphonia & Anthony Ingliss 4:15 GBP 0.79
Canto Della Terra Katherine Jenkins 4:01 GBP 0.79
Music of the Night Katherine Jenkins, The Prague Symphonia & Anthony Ingliss 5:46 GBP 0.99
Nessun Dorma Katherine Jenkins, The Prague Symphonia, Anthony Ingliss & Rudolfus Choir 2:51 GBP 0.99
Cinema Paradiso (Se) Katherine Jenkins, The Prague Symphonia & Anthony Ingliss 3:22 GBP 0.99
Ebben? Ne andro lontana Katherine Jenkins, The Prague Symphonia & Anthony Ingliss 3:51 GBP 0.79
Amazing Grace Katherine Jenkins, The Prague Symphonia, Anthony Ingliss & Rudolfus Choir 3:07 GBP 0.99
David of the White Rock Katherine Jenkins, The Prague Symphonia & Anthony Ingliss 2:27 GBP 0.79
All Things Bright and Beautifu Katherine Jenkins, The Prague Symphonia, Anthony Ingliss & Rudolfus Choir 3:05 GBP 0.99
Samson et Dalila: "Mon coeur s Katherine Jenkins 5:46 GBP 0.79
Over the Rainbow Katherine Jenkins 4:22 GBP 0.99
Torna a Surriento Katherine Jenkins, The Prague Symphonia & Anthony Ingliss 3:18 GBP 0.79
Don't Stand On My Grave and We Katherine Jenkins 3:37 GBP 0.99
We'll Meet Again Katherine Jenkins 3:20 GBP 0.99
Don't Cry for Me Argentina Katherine Jenkins 6:12 GBP 0.99
You Are My Miracle (feat. Vitt Katherine Jenkins & Vittorio Grigolo 4:13 GBP 0.79


  • Catpuss and experts aren't always right.

    By Bunnyipad
    So technically you know it all But all you spoke of was technicality and not joy. I've mixed with professional musicians at University level and mainly they respond to the music with their mind, they can outline it's complexities, structure, composition but I've rarely seen one respond truly with his/ heart. I really don't care whether Katherine has all the technical flaws you describe because my response is emotional and I enjoy listening to her; some of her music moves me with her beauty...and there seem to be many many people out there like me. Why are people NOT listening to "real Sopranos" or "real opera"......... Maybe because they don't like it! It may be technically brilliant but if many people don't like it.......well you can't force it on them. Also what we consider"good" singing is as judged by our culture and society, other parts if the world judge singing differently. Just cos you think it's the accepted norm doesn't mean it is so for all time....taste change. Maybe in 100 yrs your "good"might be outdated. What I worry over is why, as you detest her so much, you would take such a covert way to criticise her, no way for her to reply to you.You obviously didn't come here to consider buying the album! To all the normal fans if you want Maria Callas, you know where she is, meanwhile enjoy Katherine's warmth, humanity and apparently awful voice...which warms my heart and lifts my Spirit...whatever this sourpuss thinks.
  • Amazing- whatever snooty critics say!

    By hlr116
    To all those "doctors of music" who think they know it all and have said her work is "vomitacious". Katherine is a beautiful singer, and you just can't face the fact that she has made classical music popular! Opera was first performed for the masses - why can't it be today! She has had a lot of success for a reason - she is a great singer and it is not all about her looks. I wish her the best - go Katherine!
  • Catpuss is correct but she does

    By AndrexPuppy
    Make classical music more accessible to the masses because of who she is. If she sets someone on the path to finding more technically perfect vocals, that's a good thing :)
  • Catpuss is really sourpuss.

    By BNeilyB
    She's not doing so bad. Your doctorate is worthless and pointless. The opinion She seeks is from the normal working class people and they love her, making your several lines of drivel a complete waste of time. Jealousy is a horrible trait!!!!
  • I think Catpuss is my new hero!

    By agzh
    I'm absolutely by no means a professional musician, but I just can't bear to hear a note she sings. This album was an itunes recommendation, and out of morbid curiosity I had a listen. Big Mistake. Her voice is so superficial and nasal, and her enunciation is just atrocious - without knowng the words it's impossible to understand what she's saying. To an extent, that could be forgiven if she performed the songs well, but she just sounds bored. There's no love of the music in her voice and it really shows, and is greatly to the record's detrement. All in all a very frustrating ten minutes, and not to be repeated.
  • i love katherine!

    By Georgia-Louise-10
    i love katherine so much, she`s so talented, she just seems to have everything, the looks, the personality, the voice, and to be honest, if people are against her for some strange reason, then they must be jealous, because shes pretty much perfect :)
  • Soprano? Certainly not, bad falsetto if anything...

    By catpuss
    Now, I do not usually state this when writing reviews, however I am so tired of the popular music marketing machinery flaunting young singers with no technical foundation that I am compelled to start by saying that I am a Doctor of Music, an opera singer and a vocal coach. I know, listeners whose ears have been painted over by the many so-called Divos, Divas, Tenors, etc. throwing together "classical" albums left, right, centre will not like reading this, but truth be told: Katherine Jenkins is not a proper soprano with a quality operatic voice, a proper vocal technique and an accomplished repertoire. A mezzo? Certainly not. Ms Jenkins simply imitates operatic singing technique and she unconsciously substitutes falsetto for the upper portion of her modal voice. That is, she does not use her voice as required by professional opera/choral singing. Her singing is so wrong at so many levels that arias written for accomplished opera singers sound like badly synthesized New-Age tunes of 80's. New listeners of operatic singing might find her 'heavenly', 'wonderful', etc. but for trained ears of accomplished classical music listeners and professional singers, she is unfortunately a very poor listening: Wrong breathing, extremely poor intonation, improper vocal resonation, completely mislaid tessitura (where the voice has the best timbre, easy volume, and most comfort), very poor articulation and interpretation. I was reduced to tears for all the wrong reasons, I am afraid. I have to say that her repertoire is hugely misguided and not suitable for her vocal range: She attempts at singing arias written for the male voice which has a completely different range and tessitura (e.g. Nessun Dorma), as well as arias written for technically accomplished female voice (e.g. Samson et Dalila), therefore making her sound all the more amateurish.
  • Painful

    By sabbathdei
    The most vomit-inducingly talentless waste of space ever....a migraine set to music.
  • what can i say

    By emilie300
    katherine jenkins voice is amazing, everytime i here her sing i have goosebumps. i love her singing nessun dorma and music of the night, i personally think she has one of the best vioces around.
  • Katherine Jenkins living a dream

    By jedwood
    Great album more of the same please katherine

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