Professional Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit Including an Anti Static Brush to Clean, Protect & Restore Your LP Record Collection in a Beautiful Presentation Box.

£35.75 (as of February 18, 2019, 8:24 pm) & FREE Shipping. Details £25.75

Make annoying surface noise a thing of the past with everything you’ll need to clean, protect & restore your treasured LP records. Treat yourself to the very best LP vinyl record cleaning all in one smart presentation box.
WHAT’S IN THE RECORD CLEANING KIT? – A full size 250ml Bottle with Micro-Atomiser Spray of Vinyl Clear’s professional ADVANCED VINYL RECORD CLEANER fluid that will gently remove dust and grime from even the dirtiest vinyl records. – TWO LARGE, SOFT, FULL-SIZED MICROFIBRE CLEANING CLOTHS will clean and protect your vinyl records.
WHAT ELSE IS IN THE KIT? – A CARBON FIBRE ANTI-STATIC BRUSH with over 200,000 superfine hairs to eliminate static charge and remove surface dust particles. Can be used prior to play whilst you record in on the turntable. – A fold away stand to dry your LP records after cleaning. – A 15ml BOTTLE OF STYLUS CLEAR, a stylus cleaning kit with an integral fine stylus cleaning brush. – And finally, comprehensive full colour instructions.

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