• Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2007-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Video Length: 3:48

Music Video


  • Mod Queen supreme

    By Beatboy Ralphy
    Duffy (Genius) one word sums this girl up!!!! Soul at it's best I' would have loved Duffy singing with my heros the lambrettas on poison ivy or Da.a.ance phew she's awsome Ralphy the mod
  • Were has she gone?

    By Kungfuizzy
    Were has she gone lol
  • What is Wrong

    By oakcourt
    ..with Duffy! She produces a superb single like this, it's also a real dancefloor track yet the girl never moves in her videos, nor in fact at all when I've seen her perform it, admittedly not in concert. She looks wooden like she's glued to the spot. It's a fantastic track, she has a good voice and it's very reminiscent of a good 60's song so come on move to it girl!
  • Duffy on fire

    By BringstyBernie
    The first time I saw this video I was impressed. The best pop song of 2008 and stunning visual effects especially the guy dancing with fire. Duffy's great too of course.
  • The video isn't great.....

    By Hollz.smurf123
    This song is great she has a great voice and sings it really well but the video doesn't do much for me. It's all just her singing on a stage with a couple of dancers around her.
  • Stupid Englishman

    By tommorow
    I want to see her every bit as here her.She is stupendus.Besoted.
  • 5 Star...

    By DANJO!
    ... Only Just. I love Duffy to Pieces, I felt lucky to see her on tour. But I don't like this version of the video. I Like the US Version so much more. Because it's her with the band, and proper people dancing It makes more sence. Nevermind. Great Song. LOVE IT !!
  • Duffy is better than Buffy

    By davinci22
    People are saying Duffy is the new Winehouse? I think she is better and has her own style as does Ami. This video is well worth a look and may I say a purchase also. The album is superb, I will go and see her live as soon as and hope she performs aswell as i have seen her on the box. Track 10 on the CD Distant Dreamer is now a favourite of mine, still judge for yourself you should not be disapointed?
  • Annoying

    By pippa..xx
    At First I Loved It, But Now I've Seen It So Many Times On Various Music Channels It Annoys Me Now. She Does Hav A Great Voice Though.
  • dufffy

    By opalz
    squeky versoin of amy winehouse but of course not half as good

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