Keeps Gettin' Better

Christina Aguilera

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2008-10-27
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Video Length: 3:00

Music Video


  • She's turned into a GaGa wannabe!!!

    By Lady gaga no 1 fan
    The songs ok but the video!! Shes turned into a GaGa wannabe! It even says in Lady GaGa's autobiography 'Just Dance' that GaGa superfans ( im one of them) are furious with Xtina for copying the Queen of Pop's style! For gods sake Xtina look at yourself! A long blonde wig with a perfectly straight fringe is soooooooo GaGa's style! And that hoodie is soooooooo GaGa aswell! For heavens sake get your own style Christina Aguiliera!!!
  • christina gettin better

    By Frances65
    well this girl has power she had bad moment in her carrer but contrary others who go from bad to worse she has made a come back after giving birth to a little boy without fracas and over the news stories a comeback that say what her song say of women all over the world couldn't be better
  • I am amazed!!!

    By Wheelygirl76
    I'm amazed of Christinas way of reinventing herself with every album new again.This Video shows her talent of this once more.It fits her Voice perfectly,where I disagree with some other Comments on the reviews on here.She has a voice thats distinctive to others and she can do so much with it and uses it to speak to all of us.She's a strong woman with a strong Voice and a huge talent.Great song with an even greater Video to match it.Keep going on like that Christina.I am loving it!!!
  • Imaginative! ..... Excellent!

    By WinBaron
    A welcome addition to my Music Video library.
  • Her worst yet...

    By Matt.E
    AWFUL video, mediocre song, but brilliant artist.
  • ACE video!

    By MCObsessed93
    I LOVE the catwoman theme!! I love it when she goes "Shut Up! I don't care what you say!" I MUCH prefer the futuristic look in comparison to The HORRIBLE "Back To Basics" look. I HATED her hair, but it's really nice in this video!
  • WOW

    By jimboy999
  • Christina Keeps Gettin' Better :)

    By CR*
    Christina Aguilera is back again with another ground breaking song and with a fresh new image. Inspired from the late 1960's Andy Warhols Pop Arts mixed with futuristic elements of Electronic Pop and Club R&B Christina has yet again re-invented herself and has show the world that she's still got what it takes. An amazing video which gives us a sneak peak of what her next studio effort will consist of, Christina jumped from Superwomen, to Supergirl and to "SuperBitch". Mixed with excellent effects and great imagery, this video and song is a must buy for all pop music fans.
  • Get stripped again Xtina

    By Madonna Mad
    I am a huge fan of Xtina but this song is just a rip off of goldfrapp (who I hate) it does not suit her voice and the video could have been sooooo much better..... Not her best at all...... Bring back the stripped days, now that was an album and a half!!!
  • best Video of this year and a great song!

    By godseesnocolour
    The video is great its something new and fresh it kicks all the other artists in the teath because this has never been done before, she might have us all dressing like superheros hahaha jk. but onistly its a must buy and its a great fun song and something new from christina and her new greatest hits album due out 10/11/08 :P cant wait! 5 stars!

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